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Reduce plagiarism in class

The Center for Academic Integrity found that 80% of college students admit to cheating at least once. In another survey of 24,000 students at 70 high schools, a Rutgers University study found that 58% of students admitted to blatant plagiarism.

Institutions report that they've shown improvements of up to 35% within 2 years by using software to identify plagiarized text documents.

Review student code side-by-side

Codentical provides a simple interface in the browser to save you time reviewing students' code. We highlight lines of code that are similar so you can review them easily.

Need to compare Tony's code this semester to Chuck's code from last year side-by-side? With Codentical, it's easy.

Understand what's original

Codentical provides a similarity report, and identifies which lines of code are similar. You can view reports from any device, and share them with other staff members. These reports never expire so you can review them later as well.

Codentical returns the results to you or your staff immediately via email or in the browser, whichever you prefer.

Secure and Reliable

Codentical uses SSL encryption and salted passwords to ensure your data is safe and kept private.

We offer email, phone support, and a server reliability guarantee as well.

Codentical is the first comprehensive solution for institutions

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