How does Codentical work?

Codentical checks for similarity by comparing your students' code to millions of other files in our archive.

How does Codentical compare to MOSS?

MOSS operates at the string lexing/token level, whereas Codentical operates at the parsing/AST level. This makes Codentical more invariant to the kinds of modifications that students would make to avoid getting caught by MOSS, e.g. permuting operators, renaming variables, moving stuff out to utility functions, swapping conditionals, refactoring loops.

How long does it take Codentical to analyze submissions?

Codentical is extremely fast. You can expect to receive the results immediately.

Does Codentical compare my submissions to submissions at other schools?

Yes! Our product compares your submissions against all the files in our archive. This archive includes files that you've previously submitted, and files submitted by teachers at other schools. We are also crawling online sources of code to include in our analysis.

How do I submit files?

Initially, you will able to upload them through our website. In the future, we will provide a CLI tool as well.

Who owns student code once they are submitted to Codentical?

Your students retain ownership over their code. Codentical only utilizes the code under the principles of fair use.

Is Codentical secure?

Yes, all files are securely stored using server-side encryption (AES-256).

Is Codentical FERPA compliant?

Yes, we are FERPA compliant. We only archive submissions for future comparison. These archives are not considered educational records.

Does Codentical integrate with Learning Management Systems?

Not yet, but eventually!

How soon will Codentical have a product ready for use in my class?

We should have a product ready for your class within a month or so.

Did we miss something?

Email tony@codentical.com if you have any questions!