Identify plagiarized code easily.

How do you combat plagiarism in your class?
With Codentical, you'll know your students stay honest.

Empower your class with the most advanced plagiarism software in the world

Valuable Insight

With Codentical, you will understand the dynamics of your class better. You can decipher between what you consider acceptable collaboration versus unacceptable plagiarism.

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Accurate Reports

Codentical analyzes similarity by modeling how programs execute, not just syntax. Our algorithm translates the program to machine code meaning you won't miss anything.

How It Works

Global Scope

Since plagiarism is moving online, Codentical compares your submissions to millions of other files. We're crawling the Internet's code to ensure your reports are comprehensive.

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Compare sets of files easily

Need to compare this semester's files to previous semesters? With Codentical, it's simple. You can compare sets of files to one another, previous submissions, or submissions from other schools.

Don't want your starter or template code to be included in the similarity analysis? Codentical does that too.

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Combat plagiarism effectively

Institutions have reported a 35% decrease in plagiarism within 2 years by using software to identify plagiarized text documents.

Codentical identifies even cleverly obfuscated code so you'll know your students are honest. Codentical supports most major programming languages: Java, C++, C, VB, and Python, and more on the way.

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Review reports from anywhere

Codentical's reports identify which lines of code are similar for you to review. You can view reports from any device, and share them with your staff. These reports never expire so you can review them next semester too.

We offer 24/7 support, and a server reliability guarantee as well.

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